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Examware Inc offers you a one-stop shop for all of your studying and certification requirements, from books and software to tutorials, on-line tests and much more. We hope that you will enjoy your visit to us.

Welcome to Examware Sunday, August 18, 2019 Examware for Windows 95
About Examware:
Examware is pleased to provide numerous computing certification resources for you, and takes great pride in offering you only the best. Each and every single resource we offer is checked for quality and suitability - including advertisers.

Examware is also proud to provide custom software for schools and many other training institutions worldwide - we offer quality software at competitive, affordable prices.

In our downloads section you can find our free evaluation version of Examware for Windows 95 - our fully featured simulation test software comes with over 900 quality questions, which you can also now purchase on-line. Also, you can find possibly the largest selection of links on the Internet to other simulation test software providers. You'll also find a useful sprinkling of computer book reviews too - our latest review is of Sybex' Photoshop 7 Savvy book.

We also offer complete computer training solutions with both audio and video resources available within our software section. We currently have more than 400 titles listed for you to choose from, together with an equal number of selected training books. Also, if you're looking to buy computing books - or indeed any books - then don't forget to compare book prices at Bublos.com before you buy.

For other training resources then the Examware Directory details many various providers. You can even add your own records to our ever growing database.

Search Examware : 
Guaranteed certification

More resources constantly being added....

We have lots of other resources available too, so take a few minutes to look around - we hope you find our site useful. We're growing all the time, and often adding new information, so we hope you will visit often.

 Why become certified ?
There are many different reasons for becoming certified, not least of which is for personal fulfillment, but if you know the reasons why you are trying to achieve your certifcation goals then you'll find yourself that much more determined to succeed, and to carry on when the going gets a little tough. Think for a few moments about why you want to become certified. Find out more.
 Windows 2000 Professional
Find out why Windows 2000 Professional is the best operating system for business. Visit this Microsoft site to find out the latest training opportunities, whitepapers, expert advice, and resources for deploying Windows 2000 Professional. Find out more.

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GoTo : Bublos.com - Compare Computer Book Prices 
Book buying can be an expensive exercise, but when you compare book prices at Bublos.com for all your computing needs, then you're sure to end up saving. This great site makes book buying both cheaper and more fun. Highly recommended!
GoTo : Crucial Technology 
Crucial Technology offers a huge range of memory for a huge range of devices, from desktop computers and laptops to cameras and beyond. With the tools available at the Crucial website you'll never choose the wrong memory again. (USA and Europe).
GoTo : 32BIT.COM 
Get all the latest freeware, shareware and free demos for Windows! Sections include Business Software, Educational Software, System Utilities and many more. Also, find help for all of your Windows questions in the discussion forums or get the latest tech news and more, all at 32BIT.COM!
GoTo : Amazon.com 
Amazon has an enviable selection of many things, but the Certification Central section is a must, with study guides and software for just about every exam imaginable - go to Certification Central
GoTo : Sylvan Prometric
Sylvan Prometric is a worldwide distribution network for computer based testing services. Sylvan Prometric has more than 1,200 testing centers serving 80 countries around the globe, and implements not only Microsoft tests, but many more besides.

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