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Exam Chat:  Here you will find many links to various message boards, newsgroups and discussion groups which can help you in your quest for certification. Some we think are better than others, but we'll let you be the judge of that. Know of other good discussion resources? Let us know and maybe we can add a link.

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GoTo : Internexis
Several different discussion boards here for various topics as shown below, most of which appear to be quite well used.
  • General Discussion - Discussion about various MCP / MCSE topics
  • Windows 95 - Discussion about the Windows 95 and Windows 98 Exams
  • Networking Essentials - Participate in conversation about the NetEssentials Microsoft exam
  • Internet Information Server - Discussion about IIS3.0 and IIS4.0 Exams
  • SQL Server - Discussion about SQL Server 6.5 and the new 7.0
  • Proxy Server - Discussion about the Microsoft Proxy Server and Certification Exam
  • TCP/IP - Discussion to help prepare for the TCP/IP Microsoft Certification Exam
  • Exchange Server - Discussion relating to the Microsoft Exchange Server Exam
  • Internet Explorer Admin Kit - Discussion of the new IEAK software and examination
  • MCP + SiteBuilding - Discussion of the new SiteBuilding Certification
  • GoTo : ExamNotes Discussion Boards
    Many MCSE related boards here which continue to grow in popularity - the nice thing with these message boards are that not only are they well presented and easy to use, but they are split into "exam specific" areas, and so makes finding the right place to ask a question a breeze.
    GoTo : Salukis
    Again, several different message boards for various certification subjects. Salukis also has several live certification chat rooms which you can use. You will need to give some information first, before you can use any of the chat or message board facilities, but certainly the message boards are well used and so makes the few seconds registration worth while. The link will take you to the Salukis message board entry page, on which you will see the "Certification" heading - if you have not already registered then this will take you to the appropriate page.
    GoTo : GoodGround
    A somewhat less fancy interface to the GoodGround bulletin board than some others, but nonetheless a frequently used one which is well worth the visit if you need some information. Also, the board is usually very quick to load and doesn't need you to fill in any registration forms before using it.
    GoTo : Cramsession
    Cramsession, besides offering several other certification type resources, also have several message boards too. The boards include an MCSE Board, a CNE Board an A+ board and a board for trainers. You will need to create a profile before being able to use the boards, and ensure that you enter a valid e-mail address - since this is where your temporary password will be sent.
    GoTo : Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)
    In order to access the Microsoft.public newsgroups, you must use the msnews.microsoft.com server. If you are using Outlook Express as your news reader, you can add this server to your list through the Tools > Accounts menu item. Also find out about upcoming chats or read transcripts of the ones you missed. Needless to say that you'll find few topics which are not covered here.
    GoTo : CCIE Prep
    For everything Cisco certification related then this is the place to be. Several different message boards amongst many other useful resources relating to the Cisco examinations. You may require resistration before access to some of the resources.
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    Join ZDU as a Free Member today and you get continuing access to at least 10 online courses at any time, at no extra cost. With more than 150 courses to choose from in an enormous range of computing subjects there is something here for everyone.

    TCP/IP Book - Show Details TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1 : The Protocols
    What sets this book apart from others on this subject is the fact that the author supplements all of the discussion with data collected via diagnostic programs; thus, it is possible to "watch" the protocols in action in a real situation. Also, the diagnostic tools involved are publicly available; the reader has the opportunity to play along at home. This offers the reader an unparalleled opportunity to really get a feel for the behavior of the protocols in day-to-day operation. This is the TCP/IP bible.
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    GoTo : Studyabroad.com 
    Extensive online directory of study abroad and international education. Includes college undergraduate semester, year-long and summer programs, intensive language/experiential programs plus high school and graduate study abroad.
    GoTo : Cool Tools - AceFTP 
    AceFTP is a great program that allow users to transfer files from their system to an Internet Server. AceFTP includes advanced options, such as connecting to several servers at the same time and an integrated browser to view all your files.
    GoTo : Macromedia and E-commerce Training 
    ADSI Authorized Macromedia Center provides Internet Training, E-commerce and Client/Server Consulting Services. ADSI offer classes in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Director and Fireworks, E-commerce site Development, ColdFusion and Web Database Programming.
    GoTo : Windows 2000 Professional 
    Find out why Windows 2000 Professional is the best operating system for business. Visit this site to find out the latest training opportunities, whitepapers, expert advice, and resources for deploying Windows 2000 Professional.
    GoTo : Online Training 
    1 year unlimited access online training courses. Courses include Microsoft approved MCSE, FREE windows 98, office 97, java, html and a lot more. Now learning is more convenient, more affordable and more effective than ever before! Find out more.
    GoTo : AceExpert HTML Editor 
    With AceExpert HTML Editor, you can create your Web pages faster and easier than ever. It includes advanced design tools like JavaScript, CSS Style Sheets and DHTML. AceExpert also provides all the necessary tools to ensure a flawless site.

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