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Exam Chat:  Here you will find many links to various message boards, newsgroups and discussion groups which can help you in your quest for certification. Some we think are better than others, but we'll let you be the judge of that. Know of other good discussion resources? Let us know and maybe we can add a link.

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   Windows 2000 - Free Microsoft Developer Training for Windows 2000
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Newsgroups, although not necessarily certification related, are another great source of information, and places to find elusive answers. Listed below are both Usenet and Microsoft newsgroups.

Some users appear to experience difficulty in accesssing these newsgroups, so if you have a problem then please let us know. However, you shouldn't experience any problems if you are using Microsoft Outlook or similar.
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.software.services
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.admin.misc
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.admin.security
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.networking
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.advocacy
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.announce
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.software.compatibility
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.misc
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.pre-release
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.setup.hardware
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.setup.misc
  • comp.os.ms-windows.nt.software.backoffice
  • Microsoft
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.protocol.tcpip
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.setup
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.dns
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.domain
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.dsmnfpnw
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.fsft
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.mac
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.apps
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.mail
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.personalfax
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.print
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.protocol.ipx
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.protocol.misc
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.ras
  • microsoft.public.windowsnt.dfs
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    PowerPoint Book - Show Details Microsoft Office User Specialist : Powerpoint 97 Exam Guide
    A complete study reference to prepare readers for the Microsoft Certified Office User PowerPoint Exam. Covers all tested concepts and tasks and includes guided practice sections to help readers build confidence while studying for the exam. The CD includes a complete Instructors Resources Center with extra examples and PowerPoint slides for creating classroom teaching materials. Exercises and review questions give readers step-by-step coverage of the topics included on the MOUS exam.
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    GoTo : Studyabroad.com 
    Extensive online directory of study abroad and international education. Includes college undergraduate semester, year-long and summer programs, intensive language/experiential programs plus high school and graduate study abroad.
    GoTo : Cool Tools - AceFTP 
    AceFTP is a great program that allow users to transfer files from their system to an Internet Server. AceFTP includes advanced options, such as connecting to several servers at the same time and an integrated browser to view all your files.
    GoTo : Macromedia and E-commerce Training 
    ADSI Authorized Macromedia Center provides Internet Training, E-commerce and Client/Server Consulting Services. ADSI offer classes in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Director and Fireworks, E-commerce site Development, ColdFusion and Web Database Programming.
    GoTo : Windows 2000 Professional 
    Find out why Windows 2000 Professional is the best operating system for business. Visit this site to find out the latest training opportunities, whitepapers, expert advice, and resources for deploying Windows 2000 Professional.
    GoTo : Online Training 
    1 year unlimited access online training courses. Courses include Microsoft approved MCSE, FREE windows 98, office 97, java, html and a lot more. Now learning is more convenient, more affordable and more effective than ever before! Find out more.
    GoTo : AceExpert HTML Editor 
    With AceExpert HTML Editor, you can create your Web pages faster and easier than ever. It includes advanced design tools like JavaScript, CSS Style Sheets and DHTML. AceExpert also provides all the necessary tools to ensure a flawless site.

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