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Examware for Windows 95  is a feature-loaded 32-bit Windows program, offering an excellent training platform for those studying to take Windows 95 based examinations, and useful for Windows 98 exams too.

IBM Thinkpad - direct from the IBM online shop
900+ Questions!!
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Examware for Windows 95 is a feature-loaded 32-bit Windows program, offering an excellent training platform for anyone studying to take a Windows 95 based examination. Although primarily aimed at candidates for the Microsoft Windows 95 (70-064) examination, it can also be of great benefit to students of other similar examinations, and a useful tool for anyone studying for Windows 98 examinations too.

  • Over 900 questions in all of the areas covered by the Microsoft Windows 95 70-064 examination, with a default of 50 questions per test
  • With a randomization engine then you never get the same test twice - this gives literally thousands of different test combinations
  • If you want to save a test and take it later then you can do - just click the button and it's done
  • Create your own topic specific mini-tests - select from any of the twelve topic areas and generate a 5, 10 or 15 question mini-test
  • Want something on paper instead ? No problem. Examware for Windows 95 gives you the ability to print the current test (either with or without answers)
  • For commercial users or training centers then advanced printing features are available - such as the ability to generate multiple random tests for printing
  • With a pleasant and intuitive user interface then navigation within the program is simple - you can even display the answers as you go along if you wish to
  • With excellent scoring features then it's easy to see where your weak points are, and easy to re-display flagged questions or wrong answers
  • Evaluation version - Free. The evaluation version is fully functional, with the exception of printing features.
  • Single user license - $25 (USD). Payment can now be made on-line, using the latest, secure real-time processing technology. You may also pay by check if you wish to.
  • Commercial license - $249 (USD). For details on payment options please contact us. Existing clients should please enclose their account details.
  • Click on the following link to download an evaluation version of Examware for Windows 95

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