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On-line Tests:  Listed below you will find lots of on-line tests that you can try out for free. These tests vary in difficulty but all of them offer a great on-line supplement to your other studies. If you know of other on-line tests that you don't see mentioned here then let us know, and maybe we can list them here.

Professional Web Hosting
Go to the Windows User's Guide
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   Windows 2000 - Free Microsoft Developer Training for Windows 2000
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GoTo : LANWrights
This applet simulates the environment of the Java Programmer Certification Exam as administered by Sylvan Prometric. The questions are based on the Java 1.1 exam objectives document as published by Sun. The applet will randomly choose 20 questions out of a 38 question database covering 17 topics.
GoTo : Personal Web Site
Several different NT tests at this site, each with several questions. As with many of the on-line tests these tests also require that your browser is JavaScript enabled.
GoTo : Personal Web Site
Here's a really smart Java (not JavaSript) based Novell practice test for you to try your skills at. The test contains 56 questions, although as you'll see you can change the number of questions for the test. You'll need to be a little patient when the page first loads, but after that then you'll have no problem.
GoTo : The Tester
Here are some more Java based tests, each with quite a number of questions. Again, you'll need to be just a little patient as the applet loads, but we're sure that you'll think it's worth the wait. Here is a selection of the tests on offer:
  • Networking Essentials, Test 1
  • Networking Essentials, Test 2
  • NT Workstation
  • NT Server
  • TCP/IP
  • A+ Certificaton coming soon!
  • GoTo : Personal WebSite
    On-line tests don't have to be professionally produced for them to be good, in fact many of the best ones are not. Here are a couple of examples of nicely produced Networking Essentials and NT Workstation tests from another personal website.
    GoTo : Personal WebSite
    These questions have been obtained from Microsoft's Supporting Microsoft® Windows® 95 Student Workbook (Course 070-63) and the page here contains over 200 questions, with answers at the foot of the page. We suspect that this probably infringes on just about every copyright that exists, but well...have fun!
    GoTo : Intel Certification Program
    These self-evaluation tests have been designed to help you assess how well you know the materials covered in the official Intel Certification Program tests. They have been developed in relation to the official tests which are available at Sylvan Authorized Prometric Testing Centers. To take the self-evaluation tests you must register first. Here is a selection of the tests on offer:
  • S400 - Intel Business Solutions
  • AN100 - Networking Implementation
  • AN200 - Networking Router Basics
  • AN250 - Networking Advanced Implementation
  • AM100 - Client/Server Management Technologies
  • AN300 - Networking Design
  • DS100 - Desktop/Server Integration
  • DS200 - Desktop/Server Implementation
  • DS300 - Desktop/Server Design
  • GoTo : CertPrep
    This site provides you with practice exams for a number IT Certifications. For full access to all of the on-line tests then you will need to pay, but CertPrep offer you a Networking Essentials (70-058) demonstration test for free (the topic may change from time to time), for which you don't even need to register. Other tests are available free too, but for these you will need to register.
    GoTo : ForeFront Direct
    Several different exams here including Windows 95, Hardware, and also some mixed questions. Each sample exam is timed and gives you a sample of 10 to 12 questions randomly chosen from a pool of questions.
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    More resources constantly being added....

    We have lots of other resources available too, so take a few minutes to look around - we hope you find our site useful. We're growing all the time, and often adding new information, so we hope you will visit often.

    Time Magazine - 4 FREE Issues

    GoTo : Virus myths & hoaxes 
    Read all about computer virus myths & hoaxes - learn about the myths, the hoaxes, the urban legends, and also the implications if you believe in them. You can also see a list of virus hoaxes from A to Z.
    GoTo : ZDU 
    Join ZDU as a Free Member today and you get continuing access to at least 10 online courses at any time, at no extra cost. With more than 150 courses to choose from in a wide range of computing subjects there is something here for everyone.
    GoTo : Macromedia and E-commerce Training 
    ADSI Authorized Macromedia Center provides Internet Training, E-commerce and Client/Server Consulting Services. We offer classes in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Director and Fireworks, E-commerce site Development and much more.
    GoTo : Codebusters Incorporated
    Home of World Class Software Consultants that specialize in debug, integration and test at all levels and phases of the life cycle.Over 26 years experience with Fortune 1000 companies. This is an interesting company.
    GoTo : 32BIT.COM 
    Get all the latest freeware, shareware and free demos for Windows! Sections include Business Software, Educational Software, System Utilities and many more. Also, find help for all of your Windows questions in the discussion forums or get the latest tech news and more, all at 32BIT.COM!
    GoTo : Online Training 
    1 year unlimited access online training courses. Courses include Microsoft approved MCSE, FREE windows 98, office 97, java, html and a lot more. Now learning is more convenient, more affordable and more effective than ever before! Find out more.
    GoTo : Windows 2000 Professional 
    Find out why Windows 2000 Professional is the best operating system for business. Visit this site to find out the latest training opportunities, whitepapers, expert advice, and resources for deploying Windows 2000 Professional.

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