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Transcender Software: In association with PCLearningMall.com, we are pleased to be able to offer you Transcender Simulation Test Software, from the Transcender Corporation.

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In association with PCLearningMall.com, we are pleased to be able to offer you Transcender Simulation Test Software, from the Transcender Corporation, who are certainly amongst the most well known and respected of simulation test software providers. If the user fails the corresponding Microsoft exam twice within ninety days of purchase and contacts PCLearningMall.com to claim the guarantee, the product can be returned for a full refund. You can also find much more training software in our software section.
In order to track your Transcender purchases properly then the "Order" links shown below will take you to a page with a similar appearance at PCLearningMall - from there you can then click on the appropriate link to place your order.
Access 2.0 Application Dev.(exam 70-051)Price: $129.00[Order]
Access for Windows 95(exam 70-069)Price: $129.00[Order]
Benefit TCP/IP on Win NT 4.0(exam 70-059)Price: $179.00[Order]
Exchange Server 5.0(exam 70-076)Price: $179.00[Order]
Exchange Server 5.5(exam 70-081)Price: $179.00[Order]
Internet Explorer(exam 70-079)Price: $149.00[Order]
Internet Info Server 3.0(exam 70-077)Price: $179.00[Order]
Internet Info Server 4.x(exam 70-087)Price: $179.00[Order]
Microsoft Explorer 4.0(exam 70-079)Price: $149.00[Order]
Networking Essentials(exam 70-058)Price: $149.00[Order]
Programming with Visual Basic 4.0(exam 70-065)Price: $129.00[Order]
Programming with Visual Basic 5.0(exam 70-165)Price: $149.00[Order]
Proxy Server 2.0(exam 70-088)Price: $179.00[Order]
SQL Server 6.5 Admin(exam 70-026)Price: $149.00[Order]
Systems Management Server(exam 70-018)Price: $179.00[Order]
TCP/IP on Win NT(exam 70-053)Price: $149.00[Order]
Win NT Server 3.51(exam 70-043)Price: $149.00[Order]
Win NT Server 4.0 / Enterprise(exam 70-068)Price: $149.00[Order]
Win NT Workstation 3.51(exam 70-042)Price: $149.00[Order]
Win NT Workstation 4.0(exam )Price: $149.00[Order]
Windows 95(exam 70-064)Price: $149.00[Order]
Windows Architecture 1(exam 70-160)Price: $149.00[Order]
Windows Architecture 2(exam 70-161)Price: $149.00[Order]
Windows NT Server 4.0(exam 70-067)Price: $149.00[Order]
Windows NT Server 4.0(exam 70-067)Price: $149.00[Order]
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