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Unix Tutorials:  Although many on-line tutorials you need to pay for the tutorials which we have selected for you are entirely free. Although few of these Unix tutorials are certification related they are still very useful reference guides. If you know of other good Unix tutorials then let us know. More Unix resources.

Unix World
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GoTo : Introduction to UNIX
This document is an introduction to UNIX for those who have never used UNIX before. It explains the main principles, what you need to create your own files and how to run them through a compiler. A brief overview on networking is given as well as on the X window system. Also includes a great little guide to using "vi".
GoTo : Introduction to UNIX Exercises
Another in a series of excellent tutorials from the Leeds University in England. You will probably find that you need to have Acrobat Reader installed in order to view the documentation. If you do not already have Acrobat then you can download it free from http://www.adobe.com/
GoTo : Further excercises in UNIX
Another great UNIX tutorial from the Leeds University in England. Again you will probably find that you need to have Acrobat Reader installed in order to view the documentation. This tutorial is intended for existing UNIX users.
GoTo : Introduction to UNIX
From the University of Texas, although aimed primarily at students of the university you will still find lots of interesting information on how to find your way around UNIX.
GoTo : Linux Documentation
A very good Linux tutorial, with everything from installing Linux through to a System Administrator's guide. Also lot's of "How To" information which is updated every week.
GoTo : A brief UNIX guide
It would be an slight exaggeration to say that this is a "tutorial", but is more of a guide to some of the UNIX syntax. Of note are the useful explanations on setting file permissions and using zmodem.
GoTo : UNIX Pocket Reference List
This reference list gives a quick overview of common UNIX features and commands. A useful quick reference worth bookmarking.
GoTo : UNIX: The least you need to know
Although aimed at university students you can still find some interesting information here. If you know nothing about UNIX yet then this is as good a place as any to start.
GoTo : A UNIX Survival Guide for DOS Users
An informative guide to UNIX for those people already familiar with DOS. It wont make you a UNIX guru, but will put you on the right track.
GoTo : Using the UNIX Shell
From the same author as the previous tutorial, this is a captivating read. Like UNIX or loathe it when you start reading this author's tutorials you'll find you just want to read even more.
GoTo : Getting Started With UNIX
Another in the compelling series of columns written by Augie Hansen, and brought to you by "Network Computing On-Line"
GoTo : Getting Acquainted with Linux
An excellent overview of Linux, written by Richard Reich, which will be of great interest to both beginners and the more advanced. Lots of other useful Linux links here too.
GoTo : The Vi/Ex Editor
This must surely be the mother of all Vi tutorials, and suitable for anyone from beginner through to the most advanced. We're sure that whatever your knowledge of Vi, you'll find some things here that you didn't already know.
GoTo : Introduction to the UNIX Environment
Good introduction to the client-server model, UNIX filesystem, and also some information specific to SPARCStations. Not an A-Z guide to UNIX, but some interesting material.
GoTo : Introduction to UNIX: Basic Commands
This will acquaint you with a small subset of useful UNIX operating system commands and symbols that can be used on the workstation. The purpose is to present a working set of UNIX commands for the beginning UNIX user, rather than an in-depth description of everything.
GoTo : Coping with UNIX, a Survival Guide
An electronic survival kit for coping with the complexities of a scientific computing project from start to finish under a Unix operating system.
GoTo : UNIXhelp for Users
An experimental service designed to provide helpful information to new users of the UNIX operating system, developed from work funded by the ITTI (The Information Technology Training Initiative).
GoTo : Introduction to UNIX
Although not the most extensive of tutorials, this one still gives a good overview, and is suited to anyone wishing to gain a grounding in UNIX.
GoTo : On-line Guide to Unix Commands
As the title implies this is more of a guide to the UNIX syntax than anything else, but nevertheless useful - a good page to bookmark.
GoTo : Unix Programming Environment
As with several of the UNIX tutorials, this is another one produced by a university - this one is from Utah university. A good guide for the beginner, and some good examples of how to use various commands.
GoTo : Unix Tutorial by Glenn Chappel
Glenn Chappel apparently wrote this tutorial for his mother several years ago. This is a very good introduction to Unix - no graphics on these pages either, so they tend to be fairly quick to load.
GoTo : New User Tutorial
This tutorial is designed for users new to Unix. Experienced users may also find some useful information, but should probably look elsewhere for more advanced information.
GoTo : UNIX Survival
This document provides a basic introduction to UNIX and descriptions of some essential UNIX commands - a handy page to bookmark.
GoTo : Unix tutorial
This tutorial aims to get you started with the UNIX environment, manage and prepare your UNIX account to run application software such as MATLAB and AUTOCAD.
GoTo : Coping with Unix - An Interactive Survival Kit
An interactive tutorial designed for the novice Unix user. Provides step by step instructions on how to perform basic tasks. The tutorials contain some information which is specific to the Physics Department at Oregon State University, but for the most part will be of great interest to anyone.
GoTo : UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
As the title implies this really is just for UNIX beginners, or those with only a sketchy knowledge of UNIX. If you're taking your first steps in UNIX then this tutorial is ideal.
GoTo : Compiling Programs on Linux
"What follows is a beginner's guide to compiling. It is meant to be a 90% solution for people starting out with linux." - The author
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We have lots of other resources available too, so take a few minutes to look around - we hope you find our site useful. We're growing all the time, and often adding new information, so we hope you will visit often.
Show Details Unix for Dummies
Become a UNIX wizard in no time! With clear instructions and easy-to-follow examples, best-selling authors John Levine and Margaret Levine Young cut straight through all the technojargon and convoluted UNIX commands to bring you the answers you need, when you need them, in UNIX For Dummies, 4th Edition. UNIX For Dummies, 4th Edition, is the ultimate reference guide for getting up and running with a UNIX system. Determine how to choose the right flavor of UNIX to fit your computing needs. If you're new to UNIX then this is an ideal book, and one of the most popular titles available.
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